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Our Policy

Glam Body University, does not claim to be a licensed training facility by the state of Texas, as Body Contouring is not regulated, by any state in the US and out of the country. A medical director is needed, when you perform services such as Botox, fillers, Laser Vaginal tightening and higher equipment that outputs certain htz requires a Doctors supervision.

Once your register for class and deposit is paid, your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You may reschedule your training class if rescheduled within 5 days of class. If you fail to email or call us, your lose your deposit, and it can’t be applied towards another training day, if we are coming to your city and classes cannot be rescheduled and you lose your deposit.

All students are responsible for having equipment, 1 week in advance if taking any online courses, if your training day is near and you don’t have your equipment and your online, once you receive your equipment, we will send you a video replay for 24 hour use. Please don’t request for re-play until you can send a picture that you have your equipment, as this helps you to learn your hands on, which is very important.

No children or extra guest allowed during training, if your required to have a model, we will provide a time for your model to arrive.

Please arrive at schedule class time, as class will start on time. Unfortunately, we can’t wait on anyone as it will put us behind schedule and it’s not fair to the other students.

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